Guardian Program

We invite you to join our Guardian Adoption Program

As a Guardian you will be opening your home and your hearts to a pick of the litter pup when available and this pup will become part of your forever family.


What is a Guardian Family?


  • Our pup will become your permanent family member.
  • There will be a $500 deposit
    Your pup becomes part of our breeding program for a short time. This little boy or girl will be health tested at Joyful Hearts expense as this is our #1 priority. The pup will be tested for hips, elbows, cardiac and genetic disorders at no expense to you. This will assure the quality and health of your puppy. All breeding expenses are the responsibility of Joyful Hearts. At the end of the Guardian program the puppy will also be spayed or neutered at our expense, and you will receive a contract signing the pup over to you. As a thank you for taking such good care of this special gift, and abiding by all the application requirements we will return your deposit.
  • During the program this lucky little doodlebug will go home with you and you will have the opportunity to love and nurture your new baby, socialize, train and just snuggle with this precious one. We will keep in constant contact with you and I’m sure a beautiful friendship will develop between us.
  • Girls will be bred up to 4-5 x
  • Boys up to 5 years old

Expect lots of hugs and kisses!!!!

As a Guardian Family

  • You will be responsible to provide a loving home
  • Routine veterinary care including checkups, necessary vaccinations, monthly heartworm and flea and tick prevention.
  • Must train your new pup
  • Must feed quality dog food
  • Pup must have regular exercise and grooming


Application Requirements

1. Must live within approximately 1 hour of Fayetteville NC

2. Must have a completely fenced yard, never allow to roam freely outside.

3. Pup must not be left alone for long periods of time. If you work many hours this might not be a good program for you.

4. Must agree to train the puppy. This will be a joyous experience for both of you, a
trained pup will produce a well-adjusted adult dog.

5. Must Keep in close contact with me regarding any issues that arrive. Send pictures

6. The Guardian Home must be available to bring the pup to us upon request, with
proper notice. This would be for testing, breeding, whelping and socialization.

7. You will need to sign a Guardian Home contract along with a $500 deposit. I will
be asking for proof of training and vet care.

Interested in our Guardian Program?

We are looking forward to sharing this amazing miracle experience with you.
For further information please call or text us at:
Patty @ 631-806-2487
Maryann @ 631-987-2623

Guardian Home Application

Tell us a little about yourself

Keeping us informed of when you leave town is extremely important given the job of your Guardian dog.
In some cases, due to upcoming breedings it may be necessary to leave your guardian dog with us while
you are away. We will work with you and keep you informed of upcoming potential breedings.

I certify that the information provided is true and accurate. I further certify that I am aware of the
expenses involved in rearing a Puppy/dog and submit that I am financially sound and I am able to meet
those expenses. My Signature below indicates my full understanding of this document and agreement to
the same. If I am unable to continue with this Guardian program, I agree to return the dog to Joyful
hearts Labradoodles.